Our Team



Ariane valle @ariane_mvalle

Ariane is one of the co-founders of Vegetable and ButcherMore Than Food and the Warrior Wellness Challenge.

The better half of Vegetable and Butcher, Ariane is the primary vision and driving force behind the Warrior Wellness Challenge. A self-ascribed "recovering calorie counter," Ariane battled eating disorders and body dismorphia for more than ten years before finally establishing a positive relationship with food and herself. Ariane has been a vegan for more than a decade, no longer counts calories and incorporates [healthy] doses of exercise into her weekly routine. Ariane's primarily role in your Warrior Wellness journey is for emotional support + guidance, while helping create positive habits that result in lasting change.


turner hoff @dthoffjr

Turner is one of the co-founders of Vegetable and ButcherMore Than Food and the Warrior Wellness Challenge.

A lifelong "not-vegan" but dedicated advocate for supporting sustainable food systems, Turner is the 'butcher-half' of Vegetable and Butcher. In a perpetual pursuit to "be the type of person he would want to meet," Turner is consistently making minor adjustments to his daily, weekly and monthly routines in order to live his best life. Turner's lifelong pursuit to improve energy levels, cognitive performance and physical prowess gives him unique insight into how it is that we use short-term goals and micro-adjustments to create long-term, sustainable habits. Turner serves as a big-picture guide and mentor in your W/W journey.


Haley Fulford @haley_fulford

Haley is the founder of Haley Fulford Yoga and your W/W commitment referee and community manager.

Somewhere between plant-based and bacon-lover, Haley is passionate about getting real food to busy people. With a background in yoga, Haley applies the same principles of the mind, body + spirit connection to W/W on the quest to help you be your best self. Haley will be there with you when you want to eat that entire box of donuts or you finish your first 5k. Haley is your primary point of contact for all things W/W, so expect weekly check-ins from her to help encourage you to the finish line of your own W/W journey.


chris garay @physicalitygst

Chris is the owner and head coach of Physicality DC and is your Warrior Wellness fitness expert.

Physicality emphasizes bodyweight strength and flexibility work that you might typically see in gymnastics, calisthenics, and more. As part of your W/W membership, Chris will develop a completely individualized and meticulously planned exercise program designed to gradually progress you from the most basic exercises to more complex movements safely and effectively. Chris will help you work towards your goals, all while learning new skills such as handstands, muscle-ups, pistol squats, and more.


sarah waybright @whyfoodworks

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian, the founder of Why Food Works and your W/W nutrition expert.

Sarah is a nutrition enthusiast with a (healthy) obsession for food. She is also a “why” person – if she doesn't know why she's doing something, she finds it hard to stick to. Sarah's role in W/W is to explain not just what to eat, by why it’s important. That approach also subtly slides you into a positive frame of mind – if you’re focusing on the benefits of food, you’re more likely to seek healthy options, value them, and eat more of the good stuff.